Monday, September 8, 2008

A special limited to the first 46 people.


I am offering a special price on my two current Writing Career Coach products: Intro to the Writer's Life and Creating a platform. You can get a full description of these products on my website, but here is a quick description of what you will get.

Intro to the Writer's Life is more for people who are still aspiring writers. It includes a mentoring component where you can email each lesson directly to me for personalized feedback. I spend a good deal of time on each lesson trying to target my feedback to help you grow as a writer. It is usually $35

Creating a platform is for people who are on the verge of publication or who have been published. It helps build on what I teach in these blogs as well as when I'm at writer's conferences. It is usually $15 and does not include the feedback of the Intro.

BUT here is the special I'm offering to the first 46 people who contact me. You can get either of the products for $10 each. That is a savings of $25 on the Intro or $5 on the Platform.

I will also throw in feedback on the Platform product which would retail for $20.

So purchase one for $10 or both for $20. With the added mentoring for the Platform you are getting $70 worth of lessons for only $20.

Again this is only for the first 46 people to email me. To make sure I give the first 46 credit I want you to contact me through my website. Please follow these directions exactly:
1. Email me through the contact page on You can click here to go directly to the contact page.
2. In the info tell me which you'd like or if you'd like both. You may order up to 3 copies of each to share with friends but no more than 6 copies total.
3. Let me know the version .doc or .rtf
4. The email(s) to send them to. They will be attached documents in email.
5. The email to send the paypal invoice to. The files will NOT be sent until payment has been received through paypal.

I hope that you will not only take advantage of this opportunity but that you'll also use the lessons. Many people I work with purchase the products but don't take advantage of the coaching. Don't do that. Take advantage of this great opportunity. Do the lessons, get the imput, grow your writing business!!

Remember, you can get a full description of the products by clicking this link.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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