Wednesday, September 24, 2008

5,935 and counting

When I started this blog September 24, 2007 it was because I knew I needed to grow my platform. At that time I had a core group of people who asked me how to market their writing, and I'd sold a fair number of copies of my Writing Career Coach program, but it wasn't enough. I really had the desire to teach people who couldn't afford my class.

I'd spent more than $2,000 as an apprentice in the Christian Writer's Guild and learned lots.

I'd spent about that much again attending American Christian Fiction Writers.

I'd spent more than four times those combined on my degree.

And I'd spent hundreds of dollars on books about marketing, sales and business development.

I really wanted to help other people by sharing what I'd learned but I wondered what I actually knew. Wasn't it obvious that writer's needed a business plan, balance sheet, marketing strategy and platform development? Didn't time management and calendar creation go with the territory? Didn't everyone already have a solid plan on what to do with the profits from the sale of their writing?

The answers to all of those questions I quickly learned was NO!!

When I realized that at ACFW 2007 [In Dallas] I created the idea for this blog. Within days of returning from ACFW I'd created this blog and started posting.

That was a year ago and not only do I have 5,935 hits [as of 11:25pm Eastern Time on Tuesday 9/23] but that number doesn't count all of my subscribers who have the full blog sent directly to their email address every time I post. When I asked subscribers to visit my blog the day's hit count QUADRUPLED!!

So what I wanted to share with you today is 3 fold:
1. Thank you to each and every person who has taken the time to read this blog.
2. Never assume that what is obvious to you is obvious to someone else!
3. When you are passionate about a topic, others will share your passion.

I'd encourage each of you who read this blog regularly [or who like it but may not read it regularly] to subscribe on the right and have it emailed to you every day. I give special "heads up" emails to subscribers when new things are coming out. And in December I give thank you gifts. [Last year I gave one of my products absolutely free to each subscriber].

So, thousands of hits behind us we move forward in to the second year of the Writing Career Coach blog. I have many plans for the blog including more reviews of books that have helped me build my writing business, links to valuable teaching sites and more product announcements.

As always, I'll share from my heart tips that I've used to grow in to a successful freelance writer.

It has been my pleasure to share this first year with you.

If you have friends who you think might benefit from this blog, feel free to forward my blog to them [of course, no spam!!]

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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