Monday, February 23, 2009

Writing Contest Special

This is the time of year for WRITING CONTESTS!!

As a writer these are among the most affordable ways to get your work in front of editors and agents. Many final round judges of writing contests are people in a position to either acquire your work or to take you on as a writing client.

They also offer excellent feed back! You want to put your best foot forward.

I have served as a writing contest judge for three years in a variety of writing contests for both published and unpublished writers. I am also an award winning writer. I understand the importance of turning in your best possible writing. I also have seen the importance on ONE ADDITIONAL POINT separating a finalist from someone who didn't final.

So I'm offering a writing contest special. Between now and March 7th I will take the first 5,000 words and synopsis up to 700 words. I will read them and comment on both. I will identify issues like POV, verb tense, Showing/Telling, clunky dialog, and other problems.

I will do this for $35. These will be done first come, first serve. To hold your spot you may send payment for $35 along with a note [contact me through this link for my paypal address]. All manuscripts must be received by March 9th [payment by March 7th]. Also email me the entry deadline for the contest you're entering so I am able to return your MS in time for you to make any revisions you'd like to make before you turn it in.

Legal Disclaimer: Remember, writing is highly subjective, I cannot promise this or any other edit will guarantee a higher score. What I can offer is the opportunity to identify issues in your writing that will improve your story. I have served as a writing contest judge. I know what the judges are asked to watch for. I offer this experience to help you improve your writing.

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