Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not taking myself too seriously

President of ACFW Ohio, and someone I've come to truly appreciate, Sharon Lavy decided to tag me.

She told me I had to put up the 5th picture [or some other cryptic instructions]. Well, I opened a folder of pictures from this last week on my computer and the 5th picture was this HORRIBLE snow. It was almost over the top of my swing set.

So there you go, a little piece of Tiffy land for your weekend.

Monday I'll be back to my usual professional self. =)

1 comment:

Nora St. Laurent said...

OHMYGOSH!! Idon't miss living in the snow friend. I pray that you all are staying warm. Boy that looks really cold!! I remember that when I was a kid.

Blessings your way!!

Nora :D