Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Try new things

How is it that some people simply seem to be successful no matter what they do. As I continue to read about successful people and study business and marketing it seems that there is this 'inner circle' of people who have the midas touch.

Everything they touch works.

I also begin to see a pattern among the most successful individuals. They know the basic success formula but they also recognize that small tweak that seems to send them over the top.

So, recently when "Blog Rush" shut down I was faced with a dilemma. How to replace that traffic.

I was slow to decide on a new way. I was so focused on training to take over the speakers' bureau and work on my book projects that I simply wasn't taking the time to find something new. Besides that I had all of you telling others about my website.

But I'm not happy with my level of growth. As a writing career coach I've always taught you to build platform and leverage. While many of you enjoy my content and email me to tell me what you've learned, the word was not getting out as much as I would like.

So, I needed to give you a tool to leverage that.

I have recently caught up to the times and will now include a 'digg' and 'del.icio.us' link at the bottom of each blog posting.


Because, as my husband pointed out, I need to give my readers the tools they need to let others know about the blog. You may not know other writers but other writers are interested in learning about what we talk about here [I know this because of the large volume of email I field daily.]

So, even if you don't personally use digg all you need to do is click the digg link to let people know that this was a useful post.

If you use del.icio.us then you can share the bookmark with others in your community of writers or business owners.

Now, I've shared some ways I'm adjusting to continue to meet growth benchmarks, look at your own writing business, blogging, small business and marketing. What areas do you see shrinking? What new things must you do to continue a positive growth trend?

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