Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More on blogger's block

A great comment yesterday on my blog.

I talked about how to get rid of writer's block, but how do you get rid of blogger's block?

I faced this very issue last weekend as I started thinking about what I'd like to teach this week. I've spent so much time working on a current fiction proposal that I didn't have any idea what to share with you this week.

I started thinking about what happens when I have writer's block and yesterday's blog was born.

So the title yesterday wasn't so much the topic as it was my dilemma. What more to share with you.

So when you start to run out of new material for your blog here are some ideas.

1. Go back to the fundamentals.

What is the purpose of your blog. On the Writing Career Coach blog I focus on teaching all of you how to build your writing business. That is my central purpose. I need to keep myself updated on the best ways to help you build your writing business-by building my own first.

So, by going back to the foundation of my purpose I find new material and remember things to help you-like yesterday how to push through writer's block.

2. Read other blogs.

I never suggest stealing information from other bloggers [although you can always quote my blog if you give attribution and offer a link]. What I do suggest is read two or three similar blogs and see if something they say sparks creativity.

3. Comment on other blogs.

This ties in to number two. Sometimes you read something on a blog and you want to comment on what was said. Maybe the person had a great idea. Then talk about it on your blog [always link back to the original blog and give attribution]. Sometimes you'll see me comment on something another blogger said, or an article I read. This is a great way to share information-even if you don't have writer's block. I always encourage you to leave a comment on the person's blog saying "I thought your idea was interesting and I talked about it on my blog today." Blogging can be lonely work. There are days you wonder if anyone cares about what you're saying. These little pieces of recognition can encourage another blogger-and spark interest in your blog.

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Angela Breidenbach said...

I like it! Blogger's Block :-) I have not had it yet, but I have had writer's block and I think they are the same thing. Not knowing how to start or what to write. Thing is, on my blog, I just write what I'm thinking. But in a novel, you have to follow the plot or make whatever you do fit into the plot. But if your blog has one theme . . . it would be easier to get Blogger's Block.

Great post!