Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't let yourself use the tired excuse.

I'm tired.

No, really...I'm completely exhausted. After 4 days of running all over the place. After two weeks of snow. After a car accident and something breaking on my car today [Please God, not the axle] I'm tired.

All I want to do is curl up in bed and fall asleep.

But Monday morning brings a business call.
Taking the car to the repair shop.
Work on my latest book proposal [the 5th since September...still waiting to hear on the other 4]
Blog postings
Articles to write.
Work for two clients.
Power points to write.
House Cleaning.
Grocery buying.

What about you? Do you have a to-do list as long as mine? Maybe yours is even longer.

Find something to do to advance your writing. Don't allow the final week of 2008 to end with you regretting your inaction. Write 100 words on your manuscript. Outline one scene on your book. Write a bit of dialog. Connect with another writer. Find out about writing classes. Sign up for my mentoring or find another mentor.

Do something to complete 2008 strong.

I won't allow this blog to be your excuse either. I'll pop my head back in one more time this year and then Monday, January 5th I'll come in to share with you more about coaching, special opportunities for high school students who struggle with term papers and ideas to make 2009 the year you broke out. Whether your breakout is from unpublished to contracted [or published] or if your breakout is a second or third print run. Maybe it is to get an article in a periodical.

Begin to think about what 2009 should look like to you. Then get ready in 2009 to execute your dream.

Tiffany Colter is a writer, speaker and writing career coach who works with beginner to published writers. She can be reached through her website at
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Read Tiffany's award winning manuscript "A Face in the Shadow" on her fiction blog.
She writes a blog for the Christian writer Tuesdays at Writer's Rest.


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Deborah Dera said...

Thanks for this post, even though I'm reading it late. I'm exhausted myself, and I could easily tell myself not to hit this massive to-do list; that taking a nap is OK and that the work will still be here. That's the problem. The work will still be here, and I'll have more to do than ever before. Sleep is for the dead.