Monday, August 11, 2008

Using your influence

Today I want to talk a bit about ways you can partner with others to help develop a platform. Specifically using your available platform to not only reach others but to help others.

Here is an example. I will be teaching at two writer's conferences this fall: The Midwest dreams conference in October and the Y-City conference in November. I told both of these conferences that I am happy to publicize my appearance to my readers. That helps them get exposure to groups who might not otherwise know about the conference.

It also helps me because it will hopefully draw a larger crowd to these events. In the short term that may not mean much, but in the long term it can lead to more opportunities to speak to other groups of writers. Each individual will hopefully be changed as a result of taking part in the conference. I will give meaningful content as well as action steps to help them grow as a writer and as the owner of a writing business. This means that they will hopefully tell others about me.

But I've gone a step further. I've also offered an incentive for people who invite friends to come to the conference. This I do simply to give back to the group. I am a writer. I know what a sacrifice it is to pursue your dream. I want to help whenever I can.

So consider ways you can give back to other writers. Whether it is mentoring one person or volunteering to help a local writer's group. Find ways to help others. You will make many friends and expand your platform.

And if you'd like to attend either conference I've attached links to the names. Midwest Dreams
or Y-City Conference
Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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