Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taking a professional look at your writing

When I hear about people in leadership or growing stars in the business world, I take notice. I've become a student of success over my life and am interested in the success stories of regular people.

Some people look to great events like the Super Bowl, the World Cup or the Olympics for a vision of success. While their success might be more visible, it is really no different than the success of other great people. To get to where they are, great athletes had to do a series of tasks:
1. Train
2. Learn from and emulate other highly successful individuals
3. Keep going when they had every reason to quit
4. Smile when faced with defeat, but decide to do better next year
5. Practice again and again and again until it is flawless.
6. Be passionate about what you're doing, but don't wait for passion to equal inspiration
7. Get up and do it, even when you're tired.
8. Never allow time for excuses
9. Keep going when people tell you that you can't
10. Never believe that you've arrived

Now look through that list, is that the approach you're taking to your writing? Remember, writing is more than the book you put on paper-it is the marketing, the blog tours and the book signings. It is writing a proposal five times to make it perfect only to have an editor to say the writing isn't quite there.

It is taking a long term approach to your career and thinking about how what you do today will impact the rest of your life.

Go through that list again and make the decision that you're going to do them! You are a professional and you will succeed.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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