Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting rid of the clutter

This blog could also be named "The importance of a clean desk" because looking at the stacks of paper to the right of my computer is what inspired me to write this blog today.

I am working through a couple of book projects right now and so I have research sitting in piles and about 100 pages of print outs on my printer just waiting to be organized. There is no telling what is lurking at the bottom of each of these stacks of paper, when things slow down I'll find out.

And THAT is the sentence that inspired this blog...when x then y.

That one phrase destroys more writing careers [and the potential of individuals in other pursuits] than any other.

When things slow down then I'll clean the desk
When I'm done teaching this class then I'll work on my book
When I can get more hours at work [$] then I can get books on writing and really take off
When the kids are in school
When the kids are out of school
When I get my degree
When I get my new job
When I can quit this job

It goes on and on and on...

So today! Take time to clear off part of your desk! Whatever your "desk" might be. Do you have 100 emails in your email folder? Go through them and clear them out. You don't need all 100!

Maybe you need to clear out words of doubt? Then spend time looking at accomplishments.
Or maybe, like me, you need to clean off your desk.

Let this be a week of transition. Each day attack one area. Take the hour you usually reserve for TV or games and instead do some cleaning.

Hurry and do it before you get a new excuse.

I've got to go. I have cleaning to do!

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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Carol Collett said...

Tiff, I think you've peeked into my office. Straightening up my writing space a bit is on my calendar for tomorow. (I'm off at my 'day job' every Thursday.) Also on my calendar is writing-two hours.