Friday, August 29, 2008

Adjusting to the new circumstances

Since it is Friday I will keep my blog a bit brief. August is coming to a close and we all want to go outside and snag those last droplets of summer before the air turns cold [last night it dropped in to the 40s outside Toledo, OH....brrrrr].

I want to continue a bit with what I talked about Wednesday.

There are changes going on in our economy that have effects on writing. Now, while I love politics [I have a degree in Political Science] I do NOT want a political debate in my comments. What I'm talking about here is changes in the ways people gather information. These effects have implications for us as writers.

Circulation for many print publishers is way down. Newspapers are laying off staff and reducing size because of the loss of readership.

So what is the response?? Come on business minded writers...find the positive. Okay, one result of this will be fewer places to sell our articles for a high fee. We may have to sell articles for well under $100 rather than the hundreds of dollars some publications paid in the past.

This may also open up more opportunities for freelancers to fill in a gap that used to be filled by a full time staff.

Next, as people are continuing to get their information other places...why not BE that other place. If you'd like to develop a local base why don't YOU go and report on the current events, the who's who stories and local sports? Get word out in your community that you have information they can use...and they will come!

Find other ways to get in front of people...blogging seems to come naturally to writers because it is another form of writing but what about speaking more often. What do you have to share with others?

Adjusting to the changing reality around you will be the key to your success or failure in the changing world. What have you decided it will be for you?

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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