Thursday, December 13, 2007

No Guesses?Okay, here are some answers.

No one wanted to give ideas on the Tuesday marketing question? Okay, here are a few of mine.

First, who is the target audience for this story? I'd say you could go fairly wide. Younger readers would relate to the daughter being pursued and older readers would relate to the mom.

Definitely blog. This is sweeping across the age brackets and is a great way to reach the audience. Blog on your own sites but also hit a blog tour. If you write CBA Glass Roads PR is a good one. I spoke to the president about a month ago and I was really impressed with what they do for the authors they work with. For a fee they can set you up on a blog tour.

I'd also suggest creating some kind of video and posting it on my space and you tube. You can offer the links to these trailers on your website. People want an audio and visual experience. I'd discourage putting the actual trailers on your site because it will REALLY annoy people on dial up.

What kind of non-fiction themes could you pull from a book like this? How would that translate to possible radio interviews? Ideas???

Could you buy radio time to play an audio book trailer? If so, what stations would you target? Why?

What is the back story of the mother? What is her sin? Do you have experience with this area? Could this lead to a NF article? If so, what subject.

C'mon, we're all writers here. Be creative tell me whether or not you think my ideas will work. Tell me some of your own.

And also share a premise [couple of sentences] of a story you'd like us to banter around. Could be your WIP, one you're thinking of doing, or one you've heard of. Maybe it will be next weeks topic.

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