Thursday, December 6, 2007

Caitie's Corner: book picks for kids, by a kid

Flying High by Katy Pistole

Hi, it’s me, Caitie again.

This story takes place after the Palomino and Stollen Gold. Jenny’s at Mr. Wright’s. That day she gets to take home Sunny, not furry her colt. When they go home Jenny realizes that she’s going to have to move to Northern Virginia. Kathy knows where she’s going to move but she’s just keeping it a secret.

Mr. Wright told them about his son five years ago. When he had a very bad injury and Mr. Wright’s wife died. Jenny said when she saw him she said a month ago he was going to die and now he’s waiting for pizza.

I wanted to tell you more but mommy said I can’t tell you the whole story.

I liked the book. I think you should really read it.

Bye, from Caitie.

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