Friday, December 7, 2007

blogs of note for 12/07/07

This week I have two blogs of note:

This last week I have printed off every single one of his blogs to reread and share with others. I have learned so much from this site and I'd encourage you to go. It's tough love so if you want to feel all might want someone to go with you for moral support BUT if you'd like to really learn how to take it to the next level this site is worth checking out.

Carla Stewart suggested I check out Myra Johnson's blog. I saw today's post and it's a real good one!!

So go check these out and grow your business. And leave me a comment or fire me an email if you've seen blogs that you have found helpful.

Finally, if you link to my blog [by selecting the title you can get the direct URL to paste in your blog] leave me a comment telling us that so we can support each other's blogs.

Have a great weekend!


Terry Heath said...

I found Myra Johnson's blog particularly useful for writers. Thanks for the link! I'll also keep an eye on your blog.

Guy Hogan said...

Here is a blog for flash fiction writers. The blogger, that's me, has had over 30 flash fiction stories published by print and online publications that include: Word Riot, Chick Flicks Ezines, Steel City Review, Word Catalyst Magazine, Flash Forward, Flash Flooding, The Front Weekly and others.

Myra Johnson said...

I appreciate the mention! Sorry it took me so long to thank you, but our area has been without power thanks to the Oklahoma ice storm. Hope to catch up soon!

Charlotte Babb said...

James Braush's blog has inspired me to get started blogging and working on my own product.

I like your style of writing and the fact that you can manage with three children to get anything done is amazing to me.

I'll be linking to you from Wise Authors Write for Dollars