Friday, July 10, 2009

Writing Articles

As you start to plan your writing schedule for next week, take some time to consider the value of writing articles:
1. They force you to take a large amount of information and condense it to a short space. This will help with query letters.
2. They force you to write a strong hook. You have to catch a scanning eye. Without a strong hook the person won’t stop.
3. They help you plow through to the 1 millionth word. My mentor told me you have to write 1 million bad ones before you get to the good ones. Writing articles gets you there faster.
Look at what you’ve learned in researching your current book. What article idea is waiting to be birthed, and pitched and sold?
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Karen Lange said...

Great advice! Articles continue to challenge me to be concise, practicing word economy, and so much more. I've found that writing for the web can be similar - short, sweet, and to the point. Thanks for the tips:)

Jan Cline said...

I like those points. I love the research aspect of writing articles - I learn so much and can use that enthusiasm to make the article interesting. Then I get to move on to the next subject! How fun can it get?