Monday, July 20, 2009


I thought a fun thing to do today would be to have a little brainstorming prompt to take you in to the week. This is something I have on the wall next to my desk. You don’t have to write anything down [unless you want to] but I want you to think about it, chew on it, think about it some more:

How could things get worse? When would be the WORST moment for them to get worse?

Now, I want you to think about those two questions for each of your main characters. Bad guy and Good guy. Once you’ve figured this out then try to figure out a scenario that is impossibly bad. And then try to work each character out of the situation.

Finally, try to see your entire story [the full plotline] from the point of view of your bad guy. If the bad guy were actually the GOOD guy [by that I mean imagine the bad guys goals were the right thing to do in that situation] how would your plot look different?

Then come back next time to see what we do with this exercise!
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