Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Surround yourself with Wisdom

You’ve heard me mention many times about the networking group I participate in, the ProVision Network. Last week I was at a Leadership meeting for our particular chapter and we talked a bit about mentorship. Then Saturday night I heard a man talking about the need to develop wisdom.

As often happens, I began to churn and synthesize these ideas together to see how they could help us become more productive and successful authors. What information could apply directly to us as writers?
The most obvious thing would be the need to attend writer’s conferences and learn from other writers. I think the success of my Writing Career Coach mentorship program is a proof of the benefit that comes from learning from others.

Not everyone can attend a writer’s conference, however, so there are also blogs by authors, editors and agents. Those of you who are developing their writing skills right now don’t realize the huge advantage you have vs. those of us who started years ago. Even as recently as 2003, there were not the variety and quality of blogs as we have now by people in the industry. While there is a great deal of fluff online, once you identify great sources of information you have a resource worth far more than you can imagine. Try to find ONE action step or one useful bit of information from each blog you read. Don’t let the information be passive. Make it your to-do list each week.

Finally, set the goal to read 1 or 2 books each month. I’d suggest reading a novel and a business book. There are so many that are now available on tape from libraries that it should not be prohibitive to anyone.

The key to growing as a writer is growing in wisdom. It shakes the cobwebs of and inspires creativity. Pursue wisdom whenever and wherever possible. All of us have things still to learn. The sooner we get at them, the sooner we become professionals.
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