Friday, November 7, 2008

Everything I forgot from college

This has been one busy week.

Between getting ready for the conference tomorrow, keeping up with my NaNoWriMo word count and my regular writing/mom/wife duties...I've done a LOT.

The other reason I've been abel to do so much is I remembered what it was I did in college to be successful.


I am so thankful that I graduated in 1998, before the internet was full speed ahead! Back in the days when I could go 2-3 days [instead of 2-3 minutes] between logging on to the web.

I also took time to write out EXACTLY what I needed to do each day. I made sure it was something that could be REASONABLY accomplished. Then I did it.

I've been a big ball of stress throughout October because of edits that I needed to do on a book. It seemed that no matter how much I did on this silly book I didn't make progress. I'd move 3 pages a day but spend hours at my keyboard. So I went to the UPS store and printed the whole blasted MS out [like I did in college with term papers] and I scanned pages, deleted scenes, added thumbnails for new sections and subplots. I did in 3-4 hours what it took me a month to do on the first 1/2 of the book. Now I simply need to write in the new scenes, tighten the existing ones, and I'm done. I estimate 10-12 solid hours. That is 1/3 what it took me to do the first sections.

I have also stopped THINKING about what needs to be done. Wow, that is exhausting. When I am cooking supper-I cook supper. When I'm grocery shopping-I buy groceries. When I'm with the kids-I play.

That is so much better than doing all those things while thinking about all the other "stuff" that needs done. It was like a giant ax was over me every where I went, waiting to chop off my head.

So, now that you've read my blog [a very important thing to do-smile] turn off the internet and get to work!! When you've scratched everything off your to do list then take a well deserved break and read the next chapter of "A Face in the Shadow" that posted today.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter


Stina Rose said...


How are you doing on your NaNo word count. You counter on the site still says 0. Thank you for your blog post today. It is easy to forget about focusing after college is over! :)

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter said...

Stina Rose,

My NaNo word count is a closely guarded industry secret!!

Just kidding.

I always wait a couple of weeks before uploading my word count because the server usually gets beat up in the first days.

I will be posting an update soon.

How are you other NaNoWriMo people doing???