Thursday, October 30, 2008

Twitting my way to Time Management

I'll admit it, I really saw no point to Twitter.

I heard a few people who did it but many others saw it as a complete waste of time. But suddenly I realized the potential Time Management use of Twitter and suddenly I'm there.

If you Twitter, or are going to start now, add me to your friends! I'd love to keep up with everyone!

So how can a social networking site become a time management tool? Accountability!

How it helps me
I'm going to post on Twitter each time I start a new project. I'm even going to post when I get distracted....Oh MAN is this going to be hard!! I'm going to do this from now until mid-December and then I'll see if my productivity increased.

How it will help you
I want you to see what it is that I do. This will hopefully give you some ideas that you can use to build up your writing business. I'm going to HOPEFULLY set a good example for all of you by showing you how I break up my day to accomplish all I have to do.

The biggest danger is suddenly reading everyone's posting so what I'd suggest is find two or three people who will be your accountability circle and then check their Twitter logs at the end of the day and comment on the whole thing. Otherwise this will just be one more distraction.

In December I'll look over my log and productivity and I'll tell you if it helped or hurt.

So I hope to see some of you watching me [the more people watching me, the better I'll stick to my own schedule. Laugh.]

And remember, I'll have my eyes on you!!!!!!!!!!!

The next chapter of A Face in the Shadow will post tomorrow. I hope you're enjoying the book.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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Charlotte Babb said...

what a concept! Maybe I can finally do something productive with Twitter. OR at least remember what I started doing an hour ago.