Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did you just let that opportunity pass by?

We hear a great deal about taking advantage of various opportunities but do you?

I was thinking back over this last week [a rather productive week] and I began to wonder why I was able to accomplish so much in that week but other weeks had resulted in little or no word count. What was it that caused me to miss the chance to develop as a writer. Here are a few things that I realized separated productive from non-productive weeks.

1. Planning
The first thing I realized was I needed to know exactly what my word count goal was for that week if I was going to get anywhere. Can you believe that in 2 weeks I was able to put together 2 book proposals [with sample chapters, from scratch], work more than 25 hours outside the home, homeschool 4 kids [one of whom is special needs], take a full day off to play with my kids, add nearly 10,000 words to a manuscript, write over 2,000 blog words AND perform all the functions of a SAHM [stay at home mom] all without stress?

Really, I did. then I looked at the previous weeks and realized that the only thing that was different between the two weeks was I had a calendar that listed what needed done each day. I compartmentalized my time, focused on each project until I'd reached the daily goal and then I stopped. That meant I cut back on the email time, I spent time with my kids after working and I didn't waste time. The great bonus was I realized that since I KNEW what project I was working on the next day my mind began churning ideas as I went about my housework and other tasks. When I sat down at my keyboard the two hours I had produced lots of words.

2. Long to-do list
This ties in with the previous one. I have found that every time I get REALLY busy, I get more done. That means that when I have a week where I have to work 4 days, run the kids to dance, grocery shop and help out at church...I don't waste time. Sure, I groan when that alarm clock chimes 1 1/2 hrs before everyone else's in the house-but I also go to bed knowing I've accomplished a full days work. I also find that the excitement of crossing things off gives me more energy than any coffee!

Next time I'm going to show the link I found between focus and confidence with productivity. See you then!!

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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