Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Friend or Groupie?

A funny thing happens as you begin to grow as a writer. Friends you meet along the path to publication begin to get published. Some of them really breakout and become award wining writers. Some achieve significant levels of fame.

And you realize that you're friends with a famous person.

This has begun to happen to me and to be honest....It doesn't make me feel any different. I don't feel like I'm super special nor do I expect special favors from my well known friends. They are just people. I begin to realize that as fame grows so does the need to have true friendship.

Because a new kind of friendship appears with fame-groupies.

Of course I don't mean literary groupies that follow your book signings in a big white van, what I mean is people who suddenly want to get something from you. They no longer see you as a person but rather a path to their own success. They want to be known as "The friend of [famous person]" rather than being content to be a silent supporter.

I share this with you for two reasons. To protect you from groupies and to protect you from becoming groupies.

Make sure that you always evaluate your motives for creating a friendship with someone. [whether famous or not] Is the friendship motivated by your desire to advance your career, get a possible endorsement or to meet their agent? Or is your motivation simply because you share common interests. Do you feel the need to namedrop? Do you want to be seen with certain people?

This may not speak directly to marketing but it does speak to the character of you as a writer which is even more important than marketing your book. A bad reputation can destroy even the greatest marketing plan. So be sure to examine your motives.

Later this week we will talk about ways to drive traffic to your blog. Hope to see you then.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter


Anthony James Barnett - author . said...

Brilliant advice. I love it. I suppose we're all open to it in some way, but I'll certainly try to ensure I don't fall into the trap.

Thanks for the post.


Margo - New Outlook Coaching said...

Nice post. Being authentic with others is so important!