Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finding GOOD information

We live in the information age.

I'm sure most of us can't believe that 10-15 years ago the idea of a world wide web and text messaging would be inconceivable. Look at us now...When was the last time you were OFF line WITHOUT your cell?

That's what I thought.

We also have Tvo, pop-up blockers and scan buttons in our cars. We can quickly find what we want to know and elimate any information we don't want.

This makes effective marketing even more important for a writer. When you are working on a project who is the person most likely to read this book? I know many writers WRITE their book to a target market but how many people go so far as to market to that audience?

How do you learn how to do these kinds of things? You must know where to find good sources of information. I strive to make this an excellent place of information to help writers grow in their writing as much as their business of writing. Go look back in my archives of 2007 and begin reading forward. There is a wealth of FREE information I want yo to have to help you build your writing.

In addition to that I have a number of favorite blogs down the right side. Writer's Rest is a great place of solitude where you can relax as a writer. Randy Ingermanson's blog is great because of the number of interviews he does. Chip MacGregor's is AWESOME because he is a top agent who answers your questions everytime he posts. Michael Hyatt's blog "From Where I Sit" is a great look at our business from the CEO of a major publishing house. All of these places come together to help you build a strong writing business.

I think it is important to find two or three blogs that you can read each week consistently. Obviously these blogs will change over time and I'm thrilled to have been one of your selected blogs for now. I realize that my audience is shifting often as new people find us. I also know there are a good number of people who have been with me since almost the beginning.

That is what you want to develop as a writer. You'll have readers who will wait for each of your books. You'll have some who recently discovered you. You'll also have some who stop reading your stuff [and you hope who tell friends of some of your previous books that they enjoyed].

So consider what three blogs will help you right now as you are in this phase of your writing career then take the time to read and apply their wisdom. Then seek to make your platform [whatever it is] something that will attract others to your work on a regular basis.

It has been a long few days. My girls were in their dance recitals last weekend. I'd encourage you to check out the new photo on the bottom right of this blog.

I have to go!! I have an important meeting in the morning.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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