Monday, August 17, 2009

Your writing dream

I’m finishing up the book “Put your Dream to the Test” by John Maxwell. I have learned a great deal not only from the book, but also from the questions in the book.

When I picked up the book to read as part of the mentorship program in PVN I figured this book would focus on how to accomplish your dream. The title seemed to be a call for individuals to pursue with full gusto their dreams…

That wasn’t the case at all. Rather, what Maxwell challenges the reader to do is to check their commitment level vis-à-vis their dream. Are they really committed to seeing the dream to completion or are their dreams little more than wishes?

This is an important question for us to ask ourselves regularly. Once we have decided if we are committed or not we need to determine if your actions are on par with what we say our commitment level is.

Many times it can be difficult as a writer. You need to balance time between developing your writing, writing, and working to pay your bills. That is where I find myself at the moment. However, rather than running from that challenge, future writers see it as an interesting challenge. They don’t take their eyes off of the publication goal. Not only that, many of them try to find ways to make streams of income so work is no longer necessary.

What are you working on right now and is it part of your writing dream, or a distraction from it? Reply here and, if you’d like, continue the conversation of facebook. I would love to get to know more of you over that way.
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kc said...

I'm having major problems balancing all these things. I really need to and would love to make some money through writing, but am not sure how to manage it.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter said...


I work with my coaching clients many times on this very issue. It is difficult early on to find the balance. I also understand the need to make money. I have bills to pay as well. It becomes an issue of "How do I get the needs while pursuing my dream."

There is way too much to go through here but I'd love it if any of my clients wanted to chime in on some things you've learned/done to balance life and work.


kc said...

Thanks. Btw, you've got a typo on your right sideboard--the word "resourses" should be "resources". Maybe I should be an editor, lol. (You don't have to publish this comment.)