Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Sides to Personality Part 2

As I promised yesterday, today I'm going to talk about the two sides of our own personality and using that in marketing.

When I was in Network Marketing there was a #2 income earner in the whole company. In about 15 years she'd build her group to the point that she earned over $800,000 a year consistently.

One thing I found interesting about her story was how she started out. She had a very slow start, but after a few months of "playing" with the business she decided to get serious. She pretended to be her own assistant and called large numbers of people to book shows. From there her business began to turn around.

She knew her personality. She was horribly shy and afraid of rejection. So she made adjustments.

We understand we need professionalism in our business but I wonder how often we allow the wrong things to influence us. Many writers work from home, and thus, in comfortable clothes. It is not uncommon for us to be at our computer working on a story at 5pm in sweatpants and a ponytail. While this makes us more comfortable, does it sometimes make us less professional? I think sometimes it does.

What do you have to do to put yourself in a professional mindset? To some people the casual clothes make it more relaxing so they are better able to focus on their work. To other people those comfortable clothes create a distraction because they don't take their work seriously.

I used to color pictures when I made sales calls because it allowed me to separate myself from the rejection.

Take some time to think about your unique personality type. Remember it could manifest itself really sneaky. Shyness could really be drive without hope. You fear you won't make it.

Then look at ways to overcome the negative, and encourage the positive. I'm reading a few books right now on seminar presentation and marketing. Friday I want to talk about a few things I'm applying to my business that might help you.

In the meantime, continue to work on your craft and considering how to work WITH your unique personality and style to create a marketing plan.

See you the end of the week.

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Athlyn @ Write and Earn a Living said...

These a balanced insights.

I knew one woman who worked from home and she felt she put out better energy when she was dressed for success--it helped her to mentally kick into gear.

Other people, myself included, find we achieve greater creativity and output working wherever and whenever. Many writers work in their housecoats and have a tremendous output.

Working from home gives people that freedom.

Your thoughts on knowing your personality type are on the mark.

Individuals need a process that works for them, so that they reach their working goals.