Monday, April 20, 2009

How are you perceived?

I am currently reading "The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing" by Al Reis and Jack Trout. It is an interesting and quick read. Id suggest you take the time to grab it at the library or bookstore and see what nuggets you can glean from it.

Tonight I was reading over a few things and I stopped on Chapter 4 "The Law of Perception". According to this chapter it is perception, not fact, that is crucial to your marketing strategy. This is very interesting to consider and has major implications to a writer's marketing plan.

But this does explain a few things...

For example, a best selling book isn't always the one that is the best written [as many writers will tell you].

Despite their decades in the industry, publishers continue to be shocked when a book breaks out.

It also shows us why a website is crucial!! You are PERCEIVED to be more of a professional if you have an online presence. Furthermore, the perception of you is heightened or diminished based on the quality of that online presence.

It is why my publicity photos are of me in a nice top with make-up on and my hair done RATHER than the jeans and pony tail I usually wear when I'm writing.

So consider how you are perceived. I am not asking you to be fake or to be someone you are not, but your online presence is your 'job interview' to future readers. Your interactions with editors and agents today will shape your reputation in the industry for years to come. You want to be seen as a professional who is reliable.

When you are marketing your services you want to exude professionalism and instill confidence.

When you are marketing your writing you want your website to give the feel of your books.

Now that you've considered it-what do you need to adjust or enhance to give the impression you want others to have of you?

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