Friday, June 22, 2012

Does Your Target Market Trust You?

By Tiffany Colter

This was an idea that I was thinking of recently as I was reviewing all of my clients and my business dealings over the last few years of Writing Career Coach. I started to think what was it that really bonded me to my clients, and my clients to me. I realized that we have trust and mutual respect.

By that I mean my clients trust that I always have their best interest at heart, that I’m always seeking to give them more than they expect, and that I’m always working hard to try to help them reach their needs.
In the case of Writing Career Coach, it’s either helping them as writers to learn how to build platform. Or, when I’m working with businesses that I’m helping, it’s to help them put their words to paper and to connect them to the people they want to connect to.

See, when I’m working with writers they know that I don’t see them as competition. When I’m working with businesses they know I don’t see them as dancing dollar signs. It builds a trust and mutual respect that has caused my clients to refer me to other people, and has helped Writing Career Coach grow far beyond what I ever thought it would be.

Take some time and look at your growth, outside of marketing, and ask yourself do my clients trust me? Do I walk in integrity? Are my words my bond? Or do I do things that undermine the trust and the relationship that I have with my client?

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This blog originally posted on on  June 23, 2011


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