Friday, January 15, 2010

Come see our new place

Writing Career Coach has now moved our blog over to

There you will find free articles on:

-Meeting editors & agents at conference
-Editing your manuscript by finding problem words [The Rainbow Vomit method]
-And much more.

You'll also see Tiffany's speaking topics [I'd love to come to your next writer's conference]

And much more.

Thousands of you have visited Writing Career Coach over the last 2+ years we've been a blog and I hope to see all of you at our new home.

Come to the new site, sign up for updates, say hi, tell us about your writing, ask a question.

Come see what we've been talking about in 2010.


Jennie said...
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sample said...

I was too late to know of this move! anyways congratulation. have to change my bookmarks!

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goraya said...
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goraya said...

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rajesh said...

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