Saturday, December 5, 2009

Perception is important

I know my readership, so I was surprised. I have a decent sized following for Writing Career Coach. I opened the page and saw “2” in the subscription box.


Of course I quickly realized it was because we’d just created the list [so please get subscribed to the new feed so you don’t lose out on the latest posts.] My next thought was that you guys wouldn’t realize that. It doesn’t matter how snazzy the website graphics, if “everyone” isn’t reading it, why should you.

This is very important for you to think about because it shows the importance of a reader’s perception. What perception are you creating in the mind of your reader with your Ad copy, blog tours, tweets, and other networking? What things are working against you? Just as having 2 people signed up for a newsletter can hurt your credibility, having a large following can help. Having multiple online entries, a strong google rating, and other quantitative things can help.

Just remember, it isn’t what you are, it is what people think you are. Make sure that the image you project is the one you want others to see.

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