Monday, November 12, 2007

Reaching more people with your blog

Today's blog has information I am super excited about sharing. These are things that I've been testing to help increase traffic to my blog. Now that the results are in I'm ready to help you drive more traffic to your site too.

First, why do you have a blog? Do you use it to keep in touch with family and friends? That is the case with many people who have blogs on adoption. When we were in the process of adopting our daughter 3 years ago many people talked about their blogs. At the time I didn't really visit blogs [big mistake] but I did visit forums [very wise] and learned a great deal from them.

Now that blogs can be delivered to my in-box it's even better.

But why do YOU have a blog? This blog is to help writers, and people who'd like to write, learn how to build their platform for the release of that first book. This post is to help you build your blog traffic, to help you build your platform for the release of that first book.

The first thing is not only easy to do but it takes almost NO time once it's set up and reaps huge rewards. It is blog rush. Go subscribe to blogrush right now using the link below and then I'll tell you why it's so awesome. It's okay, go now. We'll wait:

Here is why this is so awesome!! In just the last two days my blog has been advertised 800 times on blogs that are in my SAME TOPIC. That means my target audience [aspiring authors] can see my blog topic and come visit me. This not only drives traffic to my site but it benefits the people I seek to help!! That is so wonderful.

Next, my readers benefit because on my blog there is a posting that tells of other blogs in the "aspiring authors" category. So my readers can go to other blogs that will help them with other aspects of THEIR writing. Since my goal here is to help authors, and to help authors learn from each other, this is a win-win.

Even if your blog isn't about writing you can get in a loop with other topics and network with like-minded people.

And the more people who join the more we can learn from each other. So it doesn't become about competition, it's about learning from each other. Isn't that the purpose of the blogosphere?

Second, Blog Carnivals. Maybe you've heard of them. If you have, tell us about your experiences in the comments. I just started to post on them via blogcarnival []. I've had so much traffic that my marketing assistant [My super-handsome husband, Chris] goes in each week and submits posts to blog carnivals for me. This is a much more time consuming task but it will also drive traffic to your site and increase your readership.

So, share with us your experience with Blog Carnival and go sign up for the BlogRush right now.
Here is the link again: On Friday come back and post a comment telling me how many times you've been syndicated. I think you'll be SHOCKED at your exposure!


holly said...

wow. thanks for the tip!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I have blog rush. How do I know how often I'm appearing on sites Etc? I'm a bit dense like that.
Thanks for joining in todays All Women Blog carnival.

Sarah said...

Just make sure your post actually pertains to the carnival which you are entering.

Heather said...

Thanks! I just signed up and I am awaiting approval. I hope I filled in everything ok, I was a bit confused regaurding the "Feed URL".

Michael, Mico, or Maku said...

Your blog article has made it to the top 11 to bring some traffic to your blog, it would be best to stumble it. I removed over 29 articles.

Here is the link:
Make Money Online Tips & Tricks - November 24, 2007

Deborah Robinson said...

Thank you for contributing this article to Mom's Blogging Carnival.

Lily said...

Hi there,

This is JM from Thank you for contributing this post to the scribes blog carnival. The carnival will go up on December 3rd.

Thanks again!


CG Walters said...

A very helpful article, Tiffany. Thank you.
I have performed both of your suggestions.
Peace and wonder,

LisaC said...

Wonderful info I read and then I noticed your links. I am a fan of Chip MacGregor's, an AWSA gal, etc. Would love to connect with you more. I have a Christian ministry for people with chronic illness, but have just started to share what I've learned over the past 10 years.

sigsoogca said...

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